Rasa Shastra


Dhatu (gold) preparation

Extraction of Shilajit

Manufacture of cow dung cakes

Purification of copper

Purification of bronze

Casting Vartaloha (5 metals)

Purification of aconite

Neterapublishing presents Rasa Shastra, also known as 'Indian Alchemy.' This is the practice of converting metals, minerals and gemstones into medicine using ancient alchemical methods. Many of these traditions have been described and preserved in ancient Ayurvedic texts from India and are still being prepared in Indian pharmacies today. From here, these preparations find their way into many Ayurvedic medicines. 'Rasa Shastra ~ The Hidden Art of Medical Alchemy' gives an account of these systems. Learning this fascinating art is supported by four detailed slide shows titled 'Rasa Shastra ~ The Art of Vedic Alchemy Volumes 1-4.' Neterapublishing presents two other tiles by the same author on similar topics, these are: Jyotish ~ The Art of Vedic Astrology and Vedic Palmistry ~ Hasta Rekha Shastra.