Vedic Palmistry

Hasta Rekha Shastra (Paperback)

Vedic Palmistry Hasta Rekha Shastra (paperback)

Palmistry is an integral part of Jyotish practice (astrology) that helps to determine an individual's physical, mental and karmic potential. An explanation of how to read a palm from the point of view of Vedic wisdom is provided, with tips on how to identify and time those areas impacting on wealth, health and longevity. This book teaches you to analyse the possible implications of life-events as seen from Rekha (lines) on the palm. This book also offers a number of methods to placate astrological influences via the use of yantra, mantra and gemstones, for example, explaining which gemstones to wear and on which finger. This guide is a thorough introduction to the practice of Vedic palmistry for students, practitioners and those with a general interest in the occult sciences of India.

ISBN-13: 978-1848192102
Format: paperback
Extent: 374pp
Illustrations: 134 b/w
Size: 230mm x 152mm / 9in x 6in